Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Weekend!

Yesterday my sister and I celebrated another year of life as we turned 21!

All you US people know this is THE birthday around here for a lot of people as it signifies legal drinking age. 

Finer details aside, I think it's safe to say that we had a great time celebrating (:

Here are a few pics from our night... thanks for reading!

Me in the middle, Jacy (twin), and our friend from HS.

Tyler (boyfriend) and me

Sister and I mid-21 RUN!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Attention All Subscribers!

As many of you know, Google Reader is scheduled to be disabled sometime in the beginning of July.  As far as I understand GFC is still going to be around.

I personally don't use Google Reader, but many of you may.  In order to keep you all updated I do have a Bloglovin' page which you can subscribe to 

There is also a subscription button in my sidebar... 

Another option is to import all of your reading list at once with this link:

I would love all of you to make the move with me into a different reader-format.  I can imagine managing your own blogs as well as blogs you follow is a little messy and overwhelming, because it has been a for me (:

Hope to see you all soon!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Products I've Enjoyed Lately

Hello all you bloggers and blog lovers out there! It has been quite awhile since I've taken the time to make a post for you.  What is the reason for this, you may wonder?

I don't really have a good answer.  Last week I finished up spring quarter with a couple finals, spent a weekend away with my family, and transitioned pretty seamlessly into working full time!

I haven't been crazy busy, just going through a little period of change (:

SO, lets just jump right in here and get started with some things I've liked lately.  These are going to be random, I think.  

Not Your Mother's - Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

For the last several months I have been a big fan of Dove's dry shampoo.  It smells amazing and it gets the job done.  The thing about dry shampoo though is... it runs out.  Omg!  So I picked this up on a whim at Ulta and so far I'm loving it.  It has a light citrus scent that quickly fades (which is better than smelling stink all day), doesn't show up super chalky white on my hair, and has a cooling feeling.  Overall, it's a winner so far.

Check out more on Not Your Mother's here.

Essie - Play Date

Uhhhmm, can you say gorgeous?  This color is amazing!  It's the brightest, yet softest purple tone, and I am in love.  My nails are slightly chipped in this pic -- two or three days into wear and tear on the polish.  I would recommend this color to anyone, its great.

Torani - White Chocolate Sauce

I told you this would be random!  Lately I've been drinking more home-brewed coffee and white chocolate gives it a little something extra.  It adds just a hint of sweetness and kind of tones down the bitterness of the coffee.  I found mine at the Fred Meyer in town, and you can probably find it at most major grocery stores.  

Side note: this brand of sauce is what we used at the coffee stand where I used to work.

Keds - Classic white

You can never go wrong with a classic!  Pretty sure I wore Keds in the 90s and my dad said his mom wore an identical pair back in her day as well.  I love classic Keds because they're simple, comfortable, and versatile.  The only downside is they're impossible to keep pristine white.

Small tip: try to spot clean your Keds as often as possible and don't over-bleach!  The bleach will eventually wear down & eat holes in the fabric.

L'Oreal Colour Riche - 550 Vagabond Mauve

L'Oreal took an interesting take on the name of this lipstick shade (...vagabond??...)  however I have found that I really enjoy this product!  This is the first L'Oreal lipstick I've tried and I was impressed with its smoothness, durability, and cute packaging.  I will definitely be purchasing more Colour Riche in the future. 

Thanks for reading loves!  Hope you enjoyed this little post (:

Thoughts on these products?
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