Wednesday, January 22, 2014


WOW I can't believe it's been seven months since I've made a blog post.  Obviously that's far too long to be away, I've just had so much going on.  Since June I've been seriously lacking in motivation to blog including writing, reading, anything really.

Just to give a snapshot of the past half-year, I have: moved twice, ended a relationship, started a new (healthy) relationship, reconnected with old friends, made new friends, completed my 11th quarter of college, had some adventures, and enjoyed many nights on the couch with Netflix.  It's been a time of adjustment and also too much fun to focus on much else :)

Around the time I left off blogging last year I updated my makeup storage and bought a vanity which I was so excited about and have been loving ever since.  It's not anything extraordinary but it works for me and I honestly love it.  Fixing my makeup and hair is my favorite part of the morning!

I took this picture at night with just the overhead light in my bedroom which is not great.  I also don't have an editing program so really the quality of picture you see is straight off my camera.

Anyway... this vanity was purchased from Amazon and has an adjustable mirror, a single drawer, and a small bench for seating.  The drawer is shallow so I use it to store my palettes.  As you can see I've added drawers (from Amazon) to the left for makeup and the right is jewelery.  The far right container holds my lipsticks and some eye pencils and is already almost full!  It's technically for store display but was the biggest lipstick container I could fine (60 spaces, from Amazon as well).

When I see my vanity I think "organized chaos" because it looks a lot more cluttered from this picture than I feel it is while I'm using it.  Whatever the case, I am so happy with it and I'm glad I finally have a designated area for beauty related things.

I am going to try harder to keep posting.  A lot has happened in the time I've been gone, including trying new products, new clothes... many, many new things!

Hope you guys enjoyed this, thanks for sticking with me :)

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