About Me

My name is Aislyn.  I'm 22 years old.  I live, and have always lived, in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm currently completing a bachelor degree in psychology with a minors in business and human resource management, scheduled to be completed this fall.

Why Amaislyn?

My family is BIG on nicknames. One of my first and all-time favorite names came from my Papa (grandpa) who was the king of nicknaming.  Really, everyone he knew had a special one and mine happened to be Amaislyn Aislyn.

My Papa passed away in early 2010 after a battle with cancer and my family was devastated.  Papa was the type of man who everyone loved to be around.  His laugh was contagious, he and his presence filled up a room, and he was one of the most genuine, gentle souls I have ever known!

Naming my blog in honor of him is a small way to show how much he meant to me.  I can remember him in the way I loved him most: happy, healthy, and full of life.


  1. I've just come across your blog and I loovveeee it!
    Your about me, literally describes me. Well minus the age and where you live. (I'll be 20 in two weeks and live in England. :D)
    But the Social Work and working in an office job and your loves are so me down to a tea haha! :)

    I'm sorry about your Papa, and naming your blog after him is such a sweet gesture to him! :) x

    1. OMG we're like twins then! Even though I already have one (: thanks for stopping by dear. I've checked out your blog and followed, so I'll be stopping by every so often <3

  2. I love your blog!! So nice you named your blog after your papa.



  3. Gorgeous and interesting gal!! Fun blog...thanks for sharing! Beautiful nails too!



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