Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OOTD Shirtdress

Wednesday is one of my late-start days that I enjoy so much.  Nothing to do until noon!  However, today was an exception to that because I scheduled an appointment with the dentist.

Kind of a waste of time.

Funny story (or at the least just ridiculous), in the past three or so years I've slowly had my wisdom teeth grow in.  In compliance with my dentist's policy, I had each tooth removed separately only after they started causing me pain.  So much fun.  

So as I remembered it, I had my top two removed as well as the bottom right.  Strangely my bottom right extraction site started to reopen two years after my surgery.  I was so concernred!  This is extremely abnormal so long after extraction.

Today, I made the hour long round-trip freeway commute to the dentist.  I explained the problem to the assistnant and when he took a look he said (kind of confused) "well this is a whole other tooth!".

I had gotten my teeth mixed up ): this one was the one yet to grow in.  So after a five-minute tops appointment he sent me on my merry way with my next check up in November.

Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, here is what I'm wearing today (:

dress: Charlotte Russe
flats: Charlotte Russe
necklace: gift from Tyler (its a small diamond heart)

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It's hot here and for once not windy so I snagged that opportunity to wear this dress!  It's lightweight and kind of breezy.  The print is minimal - black & white floral, but I love the pop of color with the turquoise belt.

The weather has put me in the mood for keeping it simple, and sometimes you don't need a lot of pieces to look and feel your best!

What's your favorite warm weather look?

See you soon dears...


  1. I love your dress so much and it looks perfect with the belt! You also look really pretty!

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    1. Aw thanks Helena (: I did check out your giveaway -- how exciting!

  2. cute dress! i love your style :)

  3. wow, what an adventure you have going on in your mouth! I got mines removed last year too, but I haven't had any problems! Anyway, about the outfit, love the pop of colour of the belt, makes the whole outfit unexpected! also, you have such a beautiful smile :)

    looove hun!


    1. Yeah it's been pretty crazy! Thank you so much dear (:


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