Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Essie - First Purchases!

Being honest here - the only reason I know about Essie is because of Pinterest.  The wonders of Pinterest have enlightened me about soooo many things!  Especially beauty/style/nails, all that stuff.

I haven't gotten around to purchasing any Essie products until recently.  Because, well... they're spendy.  

Essie is carried at different beauty retailers like Ulta, Rite-Aid, our local Fred Meyer, but they're always eight dollars for a tiny little bottle.  I love beauty products including nail polish, but I find it difficult to regularly drop almost 10 dollars on one bottle.

That's where Amazon comes in!  Even with shipping Essie polishes go for around 6 dollars through these sellers.  I find that worth it.

Here are the few that I picked up

Come Here! - Resort 2013

A darker coral that leans towards red - super bright & gorgeous
Cab-ana - Resort 2013

This is a beautiful bright blue that reminds me of the ocean!

Barefoot and Topless - Spring 2011

A pink-toned nude that really looks a lot better in person! I think it would be flattering on many skin tones.

A Crewed Interest - Spring 2012

A very light sort of 'creamsicle' color. I could not get a clear picture of it! And my nails looks quite shabby here... oops!
Overall I really enjoy the quality of Essie nail polishes and they have an awesome range of colors to choose from.  I will definitely be picking up more.  Obviously I'm not a nail expert, but I wanted to share these with you anyway (:

What are your favorite colors from Essie?

Thanks for reading...  I really, really appreciate all your comments & interest!


  1. Cabana is so pretty! Perfect for summer

  2. Cab-ana looks so pretty, definitely on my wishlist now :-)
    I absolutely love Essie, they have so many beautiful colors. Two of my favorites are Mint Candy Apple and Fiji :-)

    Love, Christine♥

  3. Great colors, lov the blue one! :)


  4. I recently started buying essie as well. You picked out some lovely colors! Love pintrest for finding nail polish ideas- it's dangerous! That is what got me hooked on topless and barefoot. It's the perfect nude! I tried to get some good photographs of it a few weeks ago and it doesn't do the color justice. One of my favorites from essie is haute as hello-- it's a pretty summer color :D really enjoyed this post!

    1. Yep, I am rewearing Topless and Barefoot right now actually its such a great nude. I also just picked up No Baggage Please and Play Date... addiction! Lol Haute As Hello is gorgeous as well. I love their color selection.

  5. I love love love Ca-bana and Come here! xx They are gorgeous summer colours!

    Bright and Dandy

  6. I love Essie nail varnishes, my favourites are the Barefoot and Topless and the Ca-bana! Great choices :)
    It would be great if you took a look at my blog, I write fashion and beauty posts!


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