Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another OOTD

Okay, can I just say that I am basically in love with my outfit today. Sometimes you just have those days. Originally I had planned to wear this outfit with a black peplum skirt, not white jeans, but the weather wasn't cooperating with me.

It was overcast yet so bright at the time of this picture. Apologies for the ridiculous squinting!

blazer - Forever 21 
bandeau - Forever 21
top - Forever 21
jeans - Paris Blues through Alloy
flats - Charlotte Russe
necklace: Kohl's

Someday this outfit will reappear with the skirt I intended to wear, but for now I think this is a cute alternative for chillier weather.

The blazer is sooo amazing, I am absolutely in love with it.  For a better reference of how it looks at all angles check the link above. In person the color is definitely neon yellow.  I think white-washing everything makes the blazer pop and really is a statement piece.

Alloy is a favorite of mine for online shopping because they carry pants with longer inseams.  I'm 5'9" (69" or 1.75 m) and have around a 34/35" inseam so they're a great resource for me.  They are also always having a sale or promotion of some sort.  This is my favorite site for coupons.  Always look before you buy... you can snag some great deals not otherwise advertised on whatever site you're using!

Thanks for reading dears!

What are your thoughts on neon this season?


  1. I love your top! If only I had Forever 21 near me :( I have to go to London for Forever 21!


    1. Thank you! I almost always order online because the nearest Forever 21 is two hours away ): makes it hard to fuel my shopping addiction lol.

      I would love to go to London, it's always been a dream of mine to go someday! I've never left the US.

  2. I'm in love with your outfit too!! You look amazing! I really need to add some neon to my wardrobe :] Sadly I can never find any Xsmalls in the pieces I like at Forever21! Maybe I need to shop online haha or better learn how to navigate their stores! Sometimes it gets crazy in there. Thanks so much for sharing the coupon site! I've never used a site like that. That could come in handy :D

    Love your style and your blog. I've done some peeking around and can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you so much, you are so sweet! Definitely check out what they have online, I've always felt like they have a much better selection (: and usually better deals there too.

  3. Your blog is very good and interesting , Would you like to follow each other? (: Come follow me and I’ll follow back for sure !


    1. Thank you so much! Checked out your blog and you've got my follow! GFC & Bloglovin (:


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