Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mid-Week OOTD

We're halfway there!  Yaayyyyy.

I'm procrastinating a little on homework I've been needing to do, but I wanted to put up a post before I dive in the for the night.

A few weekends ago on a shopping trip with my mom, she made a style suggestion that I really liked.  Just today I got around to wearing the outfit.  I originally wanted to wear my white jeans with this top combo but they were in the laundry from earlier this week. Boohoo.

top (button up & sweater) - Forever 21
jeans - Miss Me
shoes - Charlotte Russe
watch - Geneva purchased through Amazon

Apologies for the horrible blurriness of the picture!  We were on our way to get some dinner when I asked my boyfriend to quickly snap a pic, and as you can see we were in a little bit of a hurry.

The idea my mom had was to layer the sweater with a collared shirt of the exact same color.  Now, this idea isn't anything new or revolutionary... I was excited by the suggestion because it isn't a style I usually go for.   

Also, I love the extra large polka dots. Super cute!  And of course you can't go wrong with pink (:  Another thing I'm really into are the flats I'm wearing because they have a quilted cap-toe.  You can't tell because of the poor quality but I love quilted anything right now!

The only reason I love Miss Me jeans...

And here's a close up of my watch.  I think the aim was to knock off Michael Kors. Gasp!!

What is a typical mid-week outfit for you?

So that's what I looked like today.  Thanks for reading along!


  1. Hi dear! cute blog layout...keep up the great work :)

  2. your outfit is so cute!:) love the polka dots

  3. beautiful! love it sooo much <3

    follow u now, your blog is so cute:)


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